Can I see my own doctor for treatment?

Initially, you are required to see a doctor designated by your employer, or more specifically, by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier. If unhappy with the doctor, in Florida you are allowed to make a written request for a different doctor, but you can only do this one time. If the carrier doesn’t respond to your request within five days, you can choose your own lawyer to treat you. In Alabama, if unhappy with your doctor, you can select another doctor from a panel of four doctors provided to you.

When the doctor you see is chosen by and works for the insurance company, you may feel like they are biased, and this may be so to a certain extent. You are not prohibited from getting a second opinion from a doctor you trust. This will be at your own expense, but it may help you in your case to receive benefits and the proper treatment. Ask your attorney if unsure what to do.