Do I have to let the Workers’ Compensation nurse case manager into the room with me when I see my doctor?

Under the workers’ compensation law, the treating doctor must communicate with the insurance company about your medical care and need for treatment. 

However, the nurse case manager does not have a right to go into the room with you when you are seeing the doctor. The employee has a right to control who attends the doctor appointments and has the right to keep the nurse case manager out of the room during the appointment.  We suggest that our clients do not have the nurse case manager come into the room when the employee is seeing the doctor as this often interferes with the doctor/patient relationship and because the nurse case manager may try to persuade the doctor to limit the medical care that you are entitled to. 

If you do not want the nurse case manager in the room with you, then simply advise them that you want to see the doctor without them in the room.