A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Pensacola is Highlighting Recent Granted Order

The Law Office of J.J. Talbott is a trusted workers compensation lawyer in Pensacola, FL, and surrounding areas. The office is proud to announce the granted motion for conditional class certification and court versus a large rehabilitation center in Pensacola. This motion comes as a step in the direction of having unpaid wages paid out to deserving employees of the center.

The motion was filed under 28 USC § 216(b) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA act requires companies to pay workers for overtime hours exceeding 40 hours per week. This case is defined as a “collective action” lawsuit, in which the Court will send a notice to all “similarly suited employees” and each employee is then given an option to “opt-in” to the lawsuit. If an employee chooses not to “opt-in” they will not be allowed to collect damages in the lawsuit, although they do still have the option of filing a separate lawsuit.

As this case continues to grow, employees will be notified the lawsuit has begun, and will be given the option to become an additional plaintiff in the case. This collective action lawsuit is for unpaid overtime or unpaid wages. The Law Office of J.J. Talbott is dedicated to helping employees receive what is owed to them and is thrilled that this motion was granted by the court.

The Law Office of J.J. Talbott is an experienced unpaid wages lawyer in Pensacola, FL, with numerous other collective action lawsuit cases. The law office is comprised of four lawyers, including Mr. Talbott, and also accepts cases in social security, disability, and personal injury. For anyone who believes they may be a plaintiff in this case, or any unpaid wages case, give the Law Office of J.J. Talbott a call at (850) 437-9600 or visit them online at https://www.talbottlawfirm.com/.