Should I Hire A Pensacola Car Accident Attorney After A Minor Accident?

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The latest data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles shows that there were 355,997 vehicle accidents in Florida in 2021. The data also reveals that a person was injured in a car in 145,374 of the total accidents. In a split second, a vehicle accident can have a lasting impact on your life, and the steps you take alongside a skilled Pensacola car accident lawyer can make all the difference for your future.

Let’s explore the impact that car accidents can have on their victims. We’ll then explain a little more about why it’s vital Pensacola drivers hire a car accident lawyer even after a minor auto accident.

You May Have Experienced a Car Accident-Related Soft Tissue Injury

In some cases, an accident victim may not experience the pain of an injury until many weeks and even months after the car accident. A soft tissue injury may only be discovered when you go to enjoy one of your normal activities, whether it’s playing sports or a simple walk in the park. Examples of soft tissue injuries resulting from auto accidents include:

  • Ligament sprains
  • Stress fractures
  • Contusions
  • Joint sprains
  • Whiplash

Most of these soft tissue injuries will not immediately be visible on an X-Ray at your local hospital. Gathering evidence and understanding the process requires the keen eye of an expert. Make sure you have a skilled Pensacola car accident lawyer on your side to answer your questions and help guide you during the phases immediately following your auto accident.

Pensacola Accident Attorneys Can Help You Gather Injury Evidence

A lawyer can help guide you regarding the steps forward in seeking compensation for your injuries. They can connect you with medical professionals who have decades of experience treating and documenting soft tissue injuries. The documentation process will be a critical element as you move forward after your car accident. It’s a process that will help you file your claim with clear proof of your injury.

Your Car Accident Attorney Will Help You Understand The Florida Financial Responsibility Law

Under the PIP provision within the Florida Financial Responsibility Law (Chapter 324, Florida Statutes), the minimum bodily injury liability coverage is $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident. To receive compensation for any medical expenses exceeding that amount, you must work with a skilled auto accident attorney and file a lawsuit for your injury claim.

You May Be Able to Claim Economic and Noneconomic Damages

Beyond their experience helping with the claims process, your lawyer will also help you determine whether you are legally entitled to either economic or non-economic damages due to being injured in a car accident.

Florida Statute 627.737 explains that a plaintiff’s injuries must consist to some degree of one or all of the following:

  • Significant and permanent loss of an important bodily function
  • Permanent injury, within a justifiable degree of medical probability, other than scarring or disfigurement
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement

An example of a car accident-related soft tissue injury is a ligament tear. While that tear may heal, the area can weaken, resulting in permanent damage and loss of function.

Examples of non-economic damages may include:

  • Mental anguish resulting from your accident and being unable to drive
  • Stress-related issues that impact your everyday life
  • Loss of enjoyment in life as a result of your injury

Examples of economic damages may include:

  • Lost earnings due to your car accident injury
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Cost-of-living expenses, for example, increases in public transportation costs

A trusted and experienced car accident attorney can explain these damages to you in detail and help you build your injury claim based on a comprehensive understanding of the law.

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