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hospital hallway with an injury victim's wheelchair

Personal Injury

On your side and working for you.

A family’s future income and security can immediately be impacted by an unexpected auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, nursing home accident, and other personal injury, or by an accidental death. You don’t have to face the big insurance companies alone. To find out how our personal injury attorneys can help with your claim, call the Law Office of JJ Talbott at (850) 437-9600. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

A timeclock representing overtime

Overtime and Unpaid Wages

Don't let dishonest employers deny your fair wages.

Whether your employer either intentionally or unintentionally denied pay for which you are legally entitled, Florida law and federal law (FLSA) allow successful claims related to minimum wages, overtime pay, and unpaid wages to recover “double damages” and attorneys’ fees. Call us today at 850.437.9600 so we can help.

An man suffering from a workplace injury to his knee

Workers' Compensation

If the Department of Labor can't help, maybe we can.

Employees who are injured on the job are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits if their injuries arose out of their employment. Both the Florida Worker’s Compensation law and the Alabama Worker’s Compensation law outline specific benefits to which you may be entitled. J.J. Talbott is licensed to practice in both the State of Alabama and Florida. If you have questions concerning your rights, whether under Florida or Alabama law, call the Law Office of J.J. Talbott for your free consultation.

Man signing divorce papers with a discarded wedding band on a table

Family Law

From child custody to alimony negotiations, we can help.

Whether you are faced with issues of divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, or visitation, family law issues spark many emotions and can be overwhelming or frustrating. No matter what feelings you are experiencing, you can be assured that an experienced and aggressive attorney at the Law Office of J.J. Talbott will fight for your rights as we guide you through the process.

A man in a hazmat suit descends into a terrifying pit on an oil rig

Maritime/Admiralty Law

We have helped many injured Jones Act employees.

The Jones Act is designed to protect seamen from negligent vessel operators. If an employee can adequately prove that reasonable action for prevention was not taken on the vessel, then he or she are entitled to medical coverage and maintenance while off work. The experienced attorneys at the Law Office of J.J. Talbott will ensure you receive the aide you need for you losses.

A large red stamped DENIED on a social security disability claim

Social Security Claims

We'll cut through the red tape.

Applying for benefits is a complicated process and has strict time guidelines that must be followed. 25% of claims are denied on technicality. We have the experience and ability to help you with your claim for disability benefits.

Hear From Our Clients

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, on the job, or on the water, the attorneys at the Law Office of J.J. Talbott are here for you. Our attorneys understand that getting expenses covered and returning to work is your number one priority, so we navigate the complex legal issues of your case and do everything possible to let you return to your life. We care about our community and we fight for our clients, even when others won’t.



      By Travis Lampert, Esq. While most of us were grappling with the effects of the corona-virus in our workplaces and homes, Florida’s legislature and governor have been hard at work shortening the time frame Floridians have to file claims of discrimination against their employers. The Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in employment based…


      By Travis P. Lampert, Esq. Though you may only have one job, many of you work for multiple, or joint employers. This situation often arises when multiple employers have a close relationship and are essentially pursuing a single venture, such as contractors and sub-contractors, or even franchisees. Under Obama era rules, the Department of…

  • A large red stamped DENIED on a social security disability claim

    Social Security Disability – Hurry Up And Wait!

    Applying For Social Security is a Daunting Task From the very outset, if you’ve applied for Social Security benefits, your suffering from some form of physical or mental disability which limits or prevents you from working, and you are likely experiencing severe financial strain because of your disability.  Social Security disability benefits are designed to…

J.J. Talbott on 9th and E. Moreno St. in Pensacola

Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer

Approachable with Clients, Aggressive with Insurance Companies

The Personal Injury attorneys at the Law Office of J.J. Talbott are committed to providing you with the highest level of attention and personal service. Our office in the East Hill neighborhood of Pensacola reflects the family-type atmosphere we strive to cultivate. When someone needs an attorney, it is often a very difficult time in their life and we work hard to make you comfortable and help you to understand the complexities of the laws affecting your case in the simplest terms possible. However, you will find that when we are in negotiations or litigation with a negligent driver, defective product maker, unscrupulous employer or obstinate insurance company, we are extremely aggressive in our attempts to get you the compensation you deserve or solve your legal problems. We fight for you.

J.J. Talbott began as a defense attorney for an insurance company in Florida. Realizing that his skills were only benefiting a company that had little concern for anything beyond numbers, he decided to start his own practice. The Law Office of J.J. Talbott was founded with the purpose of fighting for the injured and those who have difficulty navigating the legal system.

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How long does a divorce take?

The soonest a divorce can be finalized after a petition is filed is 20 days in Florida or 30 days in Alabama. However, if the divorce is contested, the process will likely take longer. If the issues to be resolved are particularly challenging to work out, such as a high-conflict child custody battle or a…

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is simply a date, selected by your treating physician, where he indicates that you are “as good as you’re going to get”. MMI does not mean that you are not having problems, that you are not having pain, or that you’re better. It just means that lasting improvement is not expected…