The Steps to Take After a Work Injury

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You are likely here because you or someone you know has suffered a work injury. If so, you’re one of over 2 million Americans injured at work each year. Now, you’re considering the question: “What steps should I take after a work injury?”.

To help you understand and protect your rights under Florida law, the team at the Law Office of JJ Talbott explains the steps you should take after a work injury.

Florida Law Requires You Take These Steps After a Work Injury

Seek Medical Attention

No matter how minor you believe the injury to be, seek medical attention to confirm the extent of your injuries. Only an experienced doctor can diagnose your injury. Tell your doctor exactly how the accident occurred. They can then document your injuries and provide guidance regarding the recovery process and whether you can return to work. 

Report the Injury to Your Employer

Tell your employer immediately about the injury. If you are unable to alert your employer because you’re receiving medical care, make sure you do so as soon as possible. Under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law, you must alert your employer within 30 days of a workplace injury.

Complete a Workplace Injury Report

The level of detail within your injury documentation can be crucial in supporting your compensation claims. Florida requires that all employers keep meticulous records for review in detail through the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. So, even if your employer tells you it’s not necessary, ensure you fill out an injury report. Provide as many details as possible to explain the events leading to the injury.

What If My Employer Is Delaying Treatment or Not Paying The Correct Amount?

You may wish to consult with your local Pensacola workers’ compensation lawyer if you feel your employer is not meeting their legal responsibilities. Your employer may be putting roadblocks in front of you hoping you drop your injury case. At the Law Office of JJ Talbott, we offer workers’ compensation clients a free consultation to review their injury cases and analyze their litigation options.

What Can I Do to Secure My Claim to Compensation?

Keep in mind the following to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve from your workplace injury. 

  • Don’t make official statements

Avoid giving official statements to your employer or their insurance firm before speaking with a Pensacola workers’ comp attorney. Your lawyer can guide you in how to communicate with other stakeholders in your case. They will likely advise you to discuss your case exclusively through their office.

  • Follow medical guidance carefully

Your doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations play a crucial role in determining the settlement for your workplace injury. So, if your doctor has advised you of specific injury-related restrictions, follow this advice precisely. Stay in regular contact with your injury doctors and keep all scheduled appointments. 

  • Utilize your rights under the law

Under Florida Statute 440.105, you cannot be fired, coerced, threatened, or reprimanded due to filing a workers’ compensation claim. If, at any point, you feel your employer is intimidating you or threatening to fire you as a result of your claim, consult with your Pensacola work injury lawyer immediately. Your attorney will guide you on your legal options. Then advise your employer of their responsibilities under the law.

Secure Your Rights to Workers’ Compensation in Pensacola with the Law Office of JJ Talbott

Whether you have a long-standing dispute with your employer or have recently sustained an injury, our Pensacola team can help you navigate your workers’ compensation injury claims process. We’ll answer your questions and act as staunch advocates throughout the process, holding your employer accountable and helping you get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t try to take on the complex workplace compensation claims process alone. Contact our Pensacola injury lawyers today for your free consultation. 

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