Do Personal Injury Cases Settle After Deposition?

Generally speaking, a personal injury case can settle at any time. When your case settles and whether or not it goes to trial really depends on how amiable the insurance company is to working with us, and whether or not they make you a fair settlement offer. If they do not, regardless of whether it is before or after depositions, we will recommend going to court to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

When do personal injury cases settle out of court?

In our experience as personal injury attorneys in Pensacola, we have found that many personal injury cases will settle long before actually going to court. When an insurance company realizes that the injured party has legal counsel, they tend to be more willing to come to the negotiating table.  Our goal is to maximize your compensation to ensure that you receive the money you need to pay for your medical bills, both today and tomorrow, along with any lost wages that you have suffered as a result of your accident. Whether this happens through the result of pretrial negotiations, or it happens because a judgement is issued against the insurance company, our goal remains the same. If we feel that you are getting a fair offer we will recommend that you take it, rather than continuing to pursue the case in court.

Do personal injury claims go to trial?

Yes, personal injury claims do go to court. Keep in mind that the insurance company is after their own best interest, which means minimizing how much financial compensation they pay out for your claim. If, for example, you require a surgery or multiple procedures in order to recover, they may attempt to deny the more expensive ones. In this case, we would need to take your claim to court in order to compel the insurance company to pay for the procedures necessary for your recovery. Additionally, an insurance company may try to get away with not paying any lost wages. However, if your accident and injuries have caused you to miss time from work or made it so that you are no longer able to work in the same capacity you did before, you deserve to receive compensation. When the insurance company is unwilling to give it to you, we will recommend taking your claim to court where we will fight to get the compensation you are entitled to.

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