Red Rose Gentlemen’s Club Sued for Failing to Pay Minimum Wages

The Law Office of JJ Talbott currently represents exotic dancers a/k/a “strippers” who worked at the Red Rose Gentlemen’s Club in Fort Walton Beach, Fla and were not paid the minimum wage by the Red Rose.  We believe that “exotic dancers” are often misclassified as  “independent contractors”, when they are actually employees.  As employees, the dancers should be paid the Florida Minimum Wage,  in addition to any tips paid to the dancers from customers.  Thus, the failure to pay the dancers the minimum wage as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act or the Florida Minimum Wage Act is a violation of the law and entitles the dancers to the unpaid minimum wage plus an equal amount of liquidated damages.

In a lawsuit that was filed in the Okaloosa County Circuit Court, the Plaintiff seeks to recover unpaid minimum wages, plus an equal amount of liquidated damages for the past 5 years that she worked for the Red Rose, plus attorney’s fees and cost.  

Pole Dancer